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The Mayfair Lakefront Hotel

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is a grand, stunning project along Old Khanpur Road.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is a grand, stunning project along Old Khanpur Road. It is designed to provide a 5-star hotel experience to its guests. The development aims to offer visitors a luxurious and exceptional experience, emphasizing spaciousness and elegance. Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is a sought-after destination for business and leisure travelers, as it will provide an unforgettable experience that elevates the standard of hospitality. Whether you require an upscale stay for work or leisure, Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is ready to deliver a memorable and classy experience that exceeds your expectations.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Developers and Owners

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is a serene and upscale luxury lakeside project developed by Ehtesham Malik and CO. Established in 2010 and led by CEO Ehtesham Malik, the company specializes in real estate and hospitality services. The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel aims to offer a unique living experience for residents in Islamabad and surrounding cities. The developers have carefully chosen a peaceful and private location to ensure a tranquil living environment for the residents.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Booking Method

Booking a five-star hotel room at The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Complete the booking application form carefully.
  2. Attach your CNIC copies and a passport-sized photo.
  3. Make your down payment using cash, pay order, or cross-cheque. Cash payments are also accepted.
  4. Submit all required documents and payments to receive your receipt.

Don’t delay any further! Take the first step towards securing your five-star hotel room in this serene and luxurious lakeside project.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel's Legal Status

The Mayfair Lakefront Hotel is situated within the jurisdiction of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; it falls under the regulatory oversight of either the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Housing Authority (KPHA) or the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Haripur. The developers have completed all the required legal work, establishing it as a safe and reliable investment opportunity for you all.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Location & Map

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is located on a large piece of land along Old Khanpur Road. With its excellent location and emphasis on luxury, it will become an advanced destination for those looking for comfort and elegance all at once. What else do you need now?

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Accessible Routes

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is in a convenient spot that you can easily reach from different places:

  • Located in a peaceful area along the Old Khanpur Dam Road.
  • Just a quick 2-minute drive from the popular tourist spot, Mabali Islamabad.
  • About 35 minutes from Islamabad.
  • Around 45 to 50 minutes from Rawalpindi.
  • Nearly an hour from New Islamabad International Airport.
  • Only a 10-minute drive from Khanpur City.
  • Approximately 5 minutes from Orange Lake Resort.
  • Just 15 minutes from Lakeshore City Khanpur.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Nearby Landmarks

Following are the nearby landmarks of The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel:

  • Mabali Island.
  • Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort.
  • Gandhara Castle Resort.
  • Orange Lake Resort.
  • The Adventure Resort.
  • Rajgan Mosque.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Categories

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel has different types of hotel rooms to choose from. Whether you want a small space or a bigger room, we have options for everyone. Here are the various sizes available:

  1. One Bed: These apartments are small and cover an area of about 350 square feet. They offer a cozy and comfortable living experience for you.

  2. Deluxe: The Deluxe apartments are for you if you want a more spacious area. They are about 550 square feet, offering more space and room to move.

  3.  King Size: If you like lots of space, the King Size apartments are perfect as they are huge, with 1500 square feet area. What else do you need more? King Size apartments are ideal for a luxurious and ample living area.

  4. Presidential Suite: The Presidential Suite is the most luxurious option available. It is vast and covers an area of about 2500 square feet. Isn’t it perfect? Enjoy a truly luxurious living experience with our Presidential Suite.

Regardless of the size of the hotel rooms, The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel ensures you have a comfortable and memorable stay in its apartments.

1 Bed Hotel Suite

Mayfair LakeFront Hotel has a beautiful 1-bedroom hotel suite available. It’s comfy and convenient, with a total area of 350 square feet, giving you a relaxing living space. The price for this suite is Rs/- 7,000,000, and you can pay it in 42 easy monthly installments. Isn’t it affordable? It’s a great chance to own a luxury hotel suite in Mayfair LakeFront Hotel, whether you want it as your home or for investment.

Payment Plan of 1 Bed Hotel Suite

  • Total price = Rs/- 7,000,000.
  • Down Payment (20%) = Rs/- 1,400,000.
  • On Confirmation (10%) = Rs/- 700,000.
  • On Transfer (20%) = Rs/- 1,400,000.
  • 42 Monthly Installments = Rs/- 13,333.
  • 14 Quarterly Installments = Rs/- 210,000.

The Mayfair Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room at The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is a spacious hotel apartment that is very cozy and comfortable for you. It has two bedrooms and a living room, giving you lots of living space. The total price of this Deluxe Room is Rs/- 11,000,000. It consists of 550 square feet in size. And that’s not all! Mayfair LakeFront Hotel offers a payment plan with 42 monthly installments to make it easy to afford. This way, you can own a luxury hotel apartment without stressing about money. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of the Deluxe Room at Mayfair LakeFront Hotel for a remarkable stay.

Payment Plan of Mayfair Deluxe Room

  • Total price = Rs/- 11,000,000.
  • Down Payment (20%) = Rs/- 2,200,000.
  • On Confirmation (10%) = Rs/- 1,100,000.
  • On Transfer (20%) = Rs/- 2,200,000.
  • 42 Monthly Installments = Rs/- 20,952.
  • 14 Quarterly Installments = Rs/- 330,000.

King Size Bedroom

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel offers you a hotel apartment with a king-size bedroom. It consists of an area of about 1500 square feet. Isn’t it great for people who want a big, luxurious place to stay? It has a king-size bedroom with three bedrooms and a living room, giving you lots of space to relax and have fun. The total cost for this apartment is Rs/- 30,000,000. And that’s not all! Mayfair LakeFront Residence offers a payment plan with 42 monthly payments to make it easier for you to afford. This hotel apartment at Mayfair LakeFront Hotel is the right choice for anyone who wants a spacious and well-designed place to live.

Payment Plan of King Size Bedroom

  • Total price = Rs/- 30,000,000.
  • Down Payment (20%) = Rs/- 6,000,000.
  • On Confirmation (10%) = Rs/- 3,000,000.
  • On Transfer (20%) = Rs/- 6,000,000.
  • 42 Monthly Installments = Rs/- 57,143.
  • 14 Quarterly Installments = Rs/- 900,000.

Presidential with Terrace

The Mayfair covers you all! The Presidential with Terrace hotel apartments are available at Mayfair LakeFront Hotel! Doesn’t it feel like a grand? This stunning apartment is very spacious, covering an area of about 2500 square feet. Want to know the coolest part? It has a private terrace to chill and soak in the stunning views. The total price of the Presidential Terrace Apartment is Rs/- 50,000,000. For your convenience, the Mayfair LakeFront Hotel offers 42 easy monthly installments to make it affordable. So treat yourself to top-notch luxury and comfort with the Presidential Terrace at Mayfair LakeFront Hotel.

Payment Plan of Presidential with Terrace

  • Total price = Rs/- 50,000,000.
  • Down Payment (20%) = Rs/- 10,000,000.
  • On Confirmation (10%) = Rs/- 5,000,000.
  • On Transfer (20%) = Rs/- 10,000,000.
  • 42 Monthly Installments = Rs/- 95,238.
  • 14 Quarterly Installments = Rs/- 1,500,000.

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Payment & Installment Plan

At The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel, our payment and installment plan is highly affordable to meet your needs and budget. Whether you’re in search of a cozy five-star hotel room or a grand property, we have got you covered. Choose from our four different five-star hotel room categories, each offering the perfect size for your requirements. We also provide convenient 42-monthly installment plans featuring low payments. So now, purchasing your dream five-star hotel room at The Mayfair is even more accessible and stress-free, right?

The Mayfair LakeFront Hotel Amenities

At The Mayfair Lakefront Hotel, we want to make sure you have a luxurious and memorable time during your stay. That’s why we offer unparalleled amenities designed to enhance your living experience. Specifically, each of our five-star hotel rooms will provide an ideal relaxing setting. Whether you want to unwind, recharge, or escape the stresses of daily life, our villas are perfect for you! 

Our ample living areas are perfect for having a great time with your loved ones. You can even watch movies or play board games together. If you’re into outdoor activities, we have many thrilling options, such as fishing resorts, dirt biking, cycling and trekking, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, shooting ranges, and hunting. And if you prefer indoor activities, there are plenty of books, games, and other forms of entertainment to keep you occupied. We guarantee that your stay will be both comfortable and enjoyable!










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